I’m So Bored I’m Siding With The Deer On This One

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Inky rag for short) published an article today which led this engaging introduction:

The most dangerous wild animal in Pennsylvania has caused 60 deaths and nearly 4,400 serious injuries during the last seven years; it also carries an often debilitating and sometimes fatal disease.

The same menacing creature is ruining crops, destroying valuable timber, stripping the woods of seedlings, changing the very nature of forests, killing nursery stock, and ravaging the lawns, gardens and golf courses of suburban Pennsylvania.

It’s not the bobcat, the black bear, wild boar, or rattlesnake. It’s Odocoileus virginianus. The white-tailed deer. The Official State Animal. Bambi.

Wildlife experts and other scientists say Pennsylvania’s deer population is out of control.

Not only are deer starving by the thousands, they’re laying waste to forest ecosystems.

There may be as many as 1.5 million whitetails roaming not just the forests of northern counties, but also places like Fairmount Park, Valley Forge National Historical Park, and the grounds of Graterford Prison.

Well, OK.  No one gets at the root cause of this ‘problem’, suburban sprawl.  Humans simply live where they didn’t before.  We are but one species on the planet, and have spread our wings out too far.  Crop loss? Lyme disease? Car accidents?  So what? There’s nothing wrong with hunting for some deer, but to act as though this is a plague of deer intent on destroying humanity is perhaps a tad too apocalyptic. Stop building so much shit, assholes!


~ by Chris on 03/27/2010.

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