I’m So Bored I’m Waiting For The Situasian

K-Town, the newest ethnic ‘reality’ show, is going to take place in Koreatown in Los Angeles and comprise of, well, a bunch of Asians going around town getting skunk-drunk and likely screwing away.  Who needs the Jersey Shore anymore?

Here’s a picture of the new crew (thanks mtv iggy):

There’s certainly a lot more hotness in this crew compared to the last minstrel show, er, reality-based ethnic show. Plus, one of the guys is wearing Back The the Future II-style sneaks! Who knows how it’ll play out, and if any of the castmates will take over the roles of Snooki or Jwow or Ronnie.  I think I know who’s supplanted the Situation, though:

Mike better hit the gym, the Situasian is about to take over.

It could be silly fun, who knows. Hey, I’ll watch.


~ by Chris on 07/15/2010.

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