I’m So Bored I Read This Not-so-vaguely Racist Letter To The Editor

Everyone’s favorite political pundit, Jack Yocum of Philadelphia, really took it to columnist Fatmiah Ali:

SURPRISE! Fatimah Ali attacks Glenn Beck.

As she points out, class divisions in our country are widening, our economy is in a downward spiral and there’s anger and turmoil.

Who does she blame? Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the tea party and oh, yeah, the favorite black person’s scapegoat, George Bush. But all this is going on while your guy Obama is supposedly running the show.

As a white man, unprotected by civil-rights law, I’m calling for our elected officials to step up and fight for the civil rights of white people, too!

Jack Yocum, Philadelphia

Yeah! I’m with you Jack! I’ve been held down for TOO LONG!


~ by Chris on 07/23/2010.

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