I’m So Bored I Read This Letter That The Reading Eagle Decided To Print

The Reading Eagle will print any shit that’s sent in, including this patently false garbage:

Your editorial was factually wrong and extremely prejudicial (“Denying race charge is not enough to dispel the claim,” Reading Eagle, July 23).

Comparing Tea Partiers with Muslims treated a group of patriotic Americans unfairly. It equated us with a movement that has negative connotations among your readers and no distinction between terrorists and fringe elements.

You did not say that the Tea Party Federation ejected some groups for their racist comments. The Tea Party Express was removed because of the racist blog of its leader.

In an obviously attempt to cast aspersions on the Tea Party movement, you picked a person I have never heard of, Alex Poulter. That you got his name from the Huffington Post, a leftist blog, is equally obvious. Sarah Palin is not our leader. You could have checked with the Tea Party Patriots, who would have told you the truth.

The last straw was that you mention the supposed incident regarding Rep. John Lewis. Tea Party Patriots have reviewed more than 100 videos and no spitting or expletives were used. Moreover, Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.com has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could prove the allegations.

That you used this false story proves your ignorance, your prejudice and your dereliction of duty.

H. John Stahl

That’s pretty classy, what with the First initial only for the first name.


~ by Chris on 07/31/2010.

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