I’m So Bored I Started Following Buzz Bissinger On Twitter

Buzz Bissinger is undeniably a great writer, having penned many an article and book, including the disgustingly brilliant Friday Night Lights.  He’s also one of today’s greatest curmudgeons, and puts that talent and skill to great use on twitter.  Yep, Buzz is on twitter. Sign up yesterday, people, and enjoy these tasty morsels, both merely from the past hour:

I admit I have not spent much time in pro football locker rooms, but they’re all spending time in the joint anyway for domestic assault.

Or this:

I am sure there is a way to attach it with about 85 of those # and 40 tinyearls and 35 * but just go on the fucking website.

He loves and hates twitter at the same time.  He appears to relish the ability to develop a viewpoint and disseminate it on the fly, while simultaneously disparaging those who’ve blindly built their lives around twitter.  He’s playing around with the medium while he has self-described writer’s block. Bissinger’s a brilliant man trying to re-find his voice.

Plus he’s fucking hilarious.


~ by Chris on 08/06/2010.

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