I’m So Sick Of These Philly.com Comments On This Story

The U.S. Department of Justice has found claims of discrimination and abuse against Asian students at South Philadelphia High School valid and will be instituting changes.  Finally.  I find this great news that things will hopefully change and there will be progress.

However, the comments on the article are just gems.  It’s a wonder they still offer this feature on the website:

-Look who runs the school district. No wonder they looked out for their own.

-That no criminal charges were filed yet alone hate crime charges is what is really criminal here. some drunken imbecile goes off on a muslim and its the biggest news in the world but after years of systematic beatings and harassment the asians received from americas “protected” people there is barely a blip. stop the BS and charge the racist thugs who perpetrated these crimes!!!

OOO, irony’s in there somewhere.

-We need to eliminate all public housing and school choice. The hoodrats will then go back to N. Philly where they belong. The honest hard working people will then return to the city.

-Why would there be “white flight”? Ackerman, Greene, Street, Nutter, murder, beatings, unsolved crimes becauuse of silence, enabling media that apologizes instead of exposing, but it’s my fault, I am a white male


~ by Chris on 08/28/2010.

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