I’m Pretty Scared That Every Single Congressman Gets Death Threats

Michael Bennet (D-CO) being one of them:

Federal authorities have arrested a man accused of repeatedly making threats to Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s staff.
The most recent threats allegedly came on Thursday, two days before a gunman in Arizona killed six people and wounded 14 others, including a congresswoman.
According to an arrest warrant affidavit, John Troy Davis called Bennet’s Denver office Thursday upset over his social security benefits and during the call said he, “may go to terrorism.” He also allegedly said, “To get your attention, I will go down there and set fire to the perimeter,” according to the affidavit.
During a call several days earlier, Davis, who lives in the metro area, told another Bennet staffer, “I’m just going to come down there and shoot you all,” while complaining about social security benefits, according to the affidavit.

This isn’t stopping anytime soon.  It’s a tradition as old as apple pie.  We appear to be a violent nation.


~ by Chris on 01/11/2011.

One Response to “I’m Pretty Scared That Every Single Congressman Gets Death Threats”

  1. I am confused by all the reported death threats our representatives are receiving. I have written many times to congressmen that I both agree with and disagree with, and have never felt a need to threaten their life. I often threaten their jobs or their campaign support, I even threaten to expose their lies and hypocrisy, but why would you threaten their life.

    I would be fine with the FBI arresting anyone that threatens the life of a government representative, until the nut-jobs learn it is unacceptable. Personally I would have no problem calling in my own mother if she threatened the life of anyone.

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