I’m Pretty Excited To Bring You Your Next President Of These United States

Herman Cain, fast-food king (he has run Godfather’s Pizza and Burger King), is your next Republican nominee in 2012!  Well, if he has his way.  He says he’s gonna peel back the layers from the national debate on issues:

I try to be nice. This president, I don’t think, can discuss any of the things that he says in speeches deeper than on the surface. I can go two and three deep on trying to help people understand where we’re coming from, because I’ve been studying these issues for years.”

Heck, the man knows what was in the minds of Iraqis, explaining that they all

He also is against all abortions, even in the case of rape or incest. Planned Parenthood is racist!  A true conservative.  A true winner.  Purveyor of fine foods. Our next Commander-in-Chief. You go Herman!


~ by Chris on 01/19/2011.

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