I’m So Bored I Realized The Biggest Problem Today Is All The Spitting

Goddamn sports players and their goddamn spitting of saliva!  Goddamn GODDAMN :

The latest major sports news concerns Tigers Woods spitting on the golf course in Dubai (“Tiger swept up in spit storm,” Tuesday). He was fined and issued an apology.

Now that spitting has been exposed in the sports world as a health hazard, let’s ban it in baseball. I cringe every time I observe a player spitting, which they all do. I stopped watching games because I found myself cringing all the time.

A pro at spitting is Jimmy Rollins, who seems to project saliva every three seconds during a game. He has to be dehydrated after a game.

I guess it’s a macho thing with players, makes them look bad or something, like Ty Cobb. Spitting should be banned from every sporting event, not just golf.

Jim Burke


I’m so pissed about this, Jim!!! GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!


~ by Chris on 02/21/2011.

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