I’m Pretty Shocked To Find Out About All This Drinking At Colleges

18 to 20 year olds were DRINKING. AT COLLEGE. ON SAINT PATRICK’S DAY.   Yikes:

State police cited 19 people during a special detail targeting underage drinking at Kutztown University on St. Patrick’s Day, officials said Friday.

Who saw this coming?  The police were on it the case:

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a big party day at universities across the United States, and agents from the state police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement conducted the patrol “in and around the area of Kutztown University,” police said.

Agents from the regional enforcement office in Allentown said they also conducted an operation at Muhlenberg College in Lehigh County and cited three people for underage drinking.

Whew.  Now that we’ve wiped this out perhaps we can sign these adult-aged youths up for the army, where they can go die . Or they can go vote.  Or smoke a legal tobacco product.  But we’ve saved them from green-tinted Natty Light, which is of course illegal and destroys many lives of those between the ages of 18 and 20.


~ by Chris on 03/19/2011.

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