I’m Pissed Like Nobody Else Over How I Received My Change!!!!!


At the drive-through window of a fast-food restaurant recently, I handed the attendant a $20 bill.

What I got back, with my burger and fries, was a fistful of jumbled bills that added up to $13.

The ten was face down.

One of the ones was face down and upside down. Another of the ones was just upside down.

Out of four bills, only one was in a position where I could look George Washington in the eye.

I’m no stuffed shirt, but that bothers me.

Goddamn $7/hr workers don’t put any pride into it anymore! Unthinkable!

A few jumbled dollar bills hardly amounts to a hill of beans in a world racked by earthquakes, tsunami, revolution and war.

Still, though it’s less tangible than explosions at a nuclear power plants, I think we’ve lost something very valuable: common courtesy.

Goddamn right! It may be less tangible but it’s just so damn infuriating! AGGHHHHHHH I’d rather be glowing green right now.


~ by Chris on 03/22/2011.

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